Eletra has a solution for applications in commercial areas with large losses!

This application uses the conventional meter, which connected to the Z12-COM Eletra communication module performs the reading, cutting and reconnection. The information is displayed on the CIU Eletra remote display through Zigbee communication.

Cronos line is suitable for implementation of all isolated measurement available 2, 3 and 4 wires, the voltages 120V and 240V.

Conventional meter CRONOS → Communication Module Z12COM → Remote Display CIU



Communication Module – Z12COM

→ Receives user output data (UO) of meters;

→ Responsible for transmitting data from the meter to the CIU;

→ Send data to CIU via Zigbee communication (wireless);

→ Data Encryption (incoming and outgoing);

→ CIU maximum communication distance: 100m (direct view);

→ Rated voltage range: 95-¬400Vac;

→ Approximate weight: 0,42kg;

→ Optional: Possibility of connection until 12 meters.





Remote display  – CIU Eletra  


→ Communication failure indication ;


→ Alarms Display;


→ It displays the last date/time data synchronization;


→ Meter Data synchronization in real time (1 min);


→ Several configurable display;


→ Communication with Cronos  via Z12-COM via Zigbee communication;


→ Rated Voltage: 120V ou 240V.