Eletra introduces its line of smart bases developed for meters with modular design for applications in residential customers. The Smart 100 and Smart Base Base 300 have optional communication via GPRS, RF-MESH and ZigBee. This solution provides the quickest way to make a point with conventional meter into a smart point, making reading, a local and remote cutting and reconnection.

Intelligent meters with optional local and remote communication interfaces, power quality indicators, cut and reclosing with internal relay, alarms and events. Ready to meet White and Micro Tariff and Distributed Minigeration.

The Isolated Measurement is a solution for application on individual connections of high energy loss and is also recommended for temporary individual connections.

This solution makes access to the meter, preventing attempted fraud because the individual measurement is installed in isolation, providing visualization of energy record at UC via remote display.

The HXD810 Series Reclosers are designed to compose and meet the requirements of the intelligent grid. The recloser can reduce by more than 80% the power interruption events in the distribution grid.