We believe it is essential to grow responsibly, so invest in a combined management to environmental issues.

Lets meet some of our initiatives:


Environmental Education:

Our generating unit Solid Waste conducts debates among its employees, aiming to raise awareness of the same in relation to the procedure to be adopted in the process of selective collections.

Collection, Transportation and Packaging:

To perform the Selective Collection Program, under this Waste Management Plan, follow the following steps:

A – Collection:
Performed by trained and equipped staff with protective materials that daily make the collection of waste previously selected. This collection is carried out during the opening hours of the company

B – Transport:
After the collection, the transport of waste is made manually to the treatment site. In this unit, the recyclable waste will be separated and packaged. The waste tailings and organic will be directed to the temporary packaging area. This transport is performed in appropriate containers with cover and the load don’t exceed its storage capacity. The Containers used for transport are equipped with casters, to reduce human effort.

C – Packaging:
It is made in a storage location, which is in the inner area of the company. For this packaging, the company has two large shelters of waste, which are coated with waterproof floor and easily accessible and neatness.



Our environmental management focuses on minimizing environmental impacts from our activities. The initiatives mainly aim at the following objectives:

- Reduction of relative water consumption. To do this, we take actions such as the installation of hydraulic drive in the bathrooms of the factory;

- Proper disposal of solid waste, with the help of recycling rates and reuse of waste, in addition to the environmentally correct disposal;

- Reduction in plastic consumption. For this, the plastic parts that are disapproved by our Quality department are sent to the mill, crushed and sent to the supplier to perform the plastic treatment and return to Eletra;

- Reduction in energy consumption. To this end, Eletra currently has a photovoltaic solar power generation park in its parking lot;


In addition, in order to raise awareness among our employees, we hold environmental events every year, such as:


- World Water Day (22/05), where we had a CAGECE lecture on Water Economy;

- On 06/02, a cleaning effort was held at Vila do Mar beach;

- World Environment Day (05/06), where we raised employee awareness about air pollution, scavenger hunts and the #MeioAmbienteEletra contest.