We believe that it is essential to grow responsibly, which is why we invest in management that is allied to socio-environmental issues. With this, learn more about our environmental, quality and occupational health and safety management system.

Integrated Management System - SGI

Eletra Energy's Quality Management System underwent structural changes, becoming an Integrated Management System - SGI. In June 2021, we underwent an ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 audit, where we certify our system in an integrated manner. The SGI's role is to unify the environmental, quality, health and safety management processes, in order to make the implementation of processes, risk management, compliance with policy guidelines and good practices applied in the organization more efficient.

Integrated Policy

Through the integrated policy, Eletra Energy Solutions is committed to the environment, health, occupational safety and quality, by producing and marketing electronic measuring equipment with innovative solutions.

Environmental management

Our environmental management has as its main focus the minimization of environmental impacts from our activities. The initiatives mainly aim at the following objectives:

– Reduction of water consumption. For this, we took actions such as the installation of hydraulic activation in the factory's restrooms;

– Adequate disposal of solid waste, with the help of recycling and reuse rates of waste, in addition to environmentally correct disposal;

– Reduction in plastic consumption. For this, the plastic parts rejected by our Quality department are sent to the mill, crushed and sent to the supplier to carry out the treatment of the plastic and return to Eletra;

– Reduction in energy consumption. For this, Eletra currently has a photovoltaic solar energy generation park in its parking lot.